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For everyone visiting here thanks to Dan Cummins and the TIMESUCK Podcast (HAIL NIMROD AND MIGHTY BOJANGLES) here is my song about the wbc. Its actual title is Heaven Or Hell (A song for the westboro baptist church.)  I didnt want there to be any confusion. It's on my 2009 release titled "Between Here and The Stars" and you can get it, and my other stuff, on Itunes or wherever you do such things. 


Background Music

Here I am playing one of my older songs "Background Music" on Texas Red Dirt Roads with Justin Frazell.


4 co-writes on the new Courtney Patton Record!!

Courtney Patton put out an incredible album last week, and I am honored to have 4 co-writes on there. Go check it out!! It made it all the way to #4 on the iTunes Country charts (and the first 3 were Chris Stapleton, so we could really say she made it to #2)


For those wondering which ones we wrote together, they are...

Devil's Hand, Round Mountain, Open Flame, and Words to My Favorite Memory.

Cowrite on the new Eleven Hundred Springs album!

Im honored to have a co-write on the new Eleven Hundred Springs album "The Finer Things in Life"

I co-wrote song number 5 with my buddy Matt Hillyer. Download yourself a copy of this awesome country album!!


Taco Thursdays!

"My Poor Father's Name"

Someday, But Not Today

Here's one I wrote with my friend Matt Hillyer from the band 1100 Springs..


Mercury Down

Heres a song I wrote with my friend Michael O'Connor.  

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Its a sale!

My newest album "Between Here and the Stars" is now on bandcamp for whatever you want to pay for it. Really..if you want to pay $1.00 for it you can. If you want to pay $100.00 for it you can do that. Whatever works for you...




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