Being a songwriter in Texas is serious business, so it helps to have the ability to balance that seriousness with a sense of humor. Larry Hooper possesses the ability to maintain that balance in both life and song. His gritty songwriting is matched by a gravely singing voice that stretches to serve the song no matter the style. Born in east Texas, music was something Hooper gravitated toward early on but was not fully obsessed with until he ventured on to the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station. Emboldened by the burgeoning songwriting scene developed in the wake of Keen and Lovett, Hooper found himself surrounded by a bevy of other talented young songwriters.

Bouncing around the open mic circuit with names that would go on to become large draws in the Texas and Americana scenes helped Hooper develop his songs and chops. An intuitive troubadour with an intentional gigging presence, Hooper plays selective gigs with quality as he maintains his priority as a family man. Foremost, Hooper is a husband and father to three. This family dedication causes a deep focus in his work that is not found in many of his contemporaries.

No Turning Back is Hooper’s third full-length studio effort, and his most well-rounded. Building on the themes of his previous work and stretching in to new spots based on the production work of famed Austin multi-instrumentalist Jeff Plankenhorn, Hooper’s songs find new boundaries and push through them. Hooper utilizes an all-star cast of co-writers in crafting the songs for this album and they include: Adam Hood, Jason Eady, Erick Willis, Courtney Patton, Josh Grider, Kayla Ray, Michael O'Connor, and his beloved brother Jeromy Hooper. This wide range of collaborations lends itself to an array of styles and songs that give listeners a true glimpse at a master songwriter grasping his brass ring. Hooper has carved out a career through astute songwriting, select gigging and unanimous respect from his peers. There is no turning back for Larry Hooper, only forward momentum.  


Larry has written songs with...

Jason Eady

Susan Gibson

Josh Grider

Adam Hood

Cody Jinks

Heather Little

Mike Ethan Messick

Michael O'Connor

Courtney Patton

Kayla Ray

Zac Wilkerson

Jamie Wilson

and more!