For everyone visiting here thanks to Dan Cummins and the TIMESUCK Podcast (HAIL NIMROD AND MIGHTY BOJANGLES) here is my song about the wbc. Its actual title is Heaven Or Hell (A song for the westboro baptist church.)  I didnt want there to be any confusion. It's on my 2009 release titled "Between Here and The Stars" and you can get it, and my other stuff, on Itunes or wherever you do such things. 


Background Music

Here I am playing one of my older songs "Background Music" on Texas Red Dirt Roads with Justin Frazell.


4 co-writes on the new Courtney Patton Record!!

Courtney Patton put out an incredible album last week, and I am honored to have 4 co-writes on there. Go check it out!! It made it all the way to #4 on the iTunes Country charts (and the first 3 were Chris Stapleton, so we could really say she made it to #2)


For those wondering which ones we wrote together, they are...

Devil's Hand, Round Mountain, Open Flame, and Words to My Favorite Memory.

Cowrite on the new Eleven Hundred Springs album!

Im honored to have a co-write on the new Eleven Hundred Springs album "The Finer Things in Life"

I co-wrote song number 5 with my buddy Matt Hillyer. Download yourself a copy of this awesome country album!!


"My Poor Father's Name"

Taco Thursdays!

Someday, But Not Today

Here's one I wrote with my friend Matt Hillyer from the band 1100 Springs..


Mercury Down

Heres a song I wrote with my friend Michael O'Connor.  

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Its a sale!

My newest album "Between Here and the Stars" is now on bandcamp for whatever you want to pay for it. Really..if you want to pay $1.00 for it you can. If you want to pay $100.00 for it you can do that. Whatever works for you...




If youre gonna play in Tx...

Larry Hooper and the Reserves would like to welcome Corey Coleman to the band! Corey plays fiddle and happens to also be Larry's cousin. Look for him at an upcoming show!

New Song

New song written with Cody Jinks..

Me and my buddy Cody Jinks wrote a song and i finally got around to making a little recording of it to share it. Hope ya like it! 



Happy 2017!

2016 is behind us.

Here's hoping 2017 is better for us all. Come see a Hooper show when im in your area. Thatll make it better for both of us!


Much love.




Ive got a lot of great shows coming up ALL OVER the place...Ill be making a rare trip to the Houston area in September...come check me out!



Merch Sale!

Buy a Hooper Shirt or Hat, Get a free koozie and probably other stuff too. 


While supplies last.  Void where prohibited. 

May 18th!

Tomorrow night Larry Hooper and the Reserves are opening for The Dirty River Boys at the Ranch Music Series. 7:15 at the Capital Bar in Ft Worth. Its my birthday, but I dont want presents or for you to say happy birthday, just come to the show.  Cool!

Its OUT!

No Turning Back is out and selling like hot wild fire cakes. Here are some places you can get it...






and of course you can always get them from me at shows...

Tomorrow is release day!

Friday 4/29/2016 my new cd, "No Turning Back" comes out. I hope you get a copy and enjoy it.


I am excited about the new cd, but there is a part of me that is feeling something all together different. I am still very sad about the loss of my brother and the release of the cd kind of stirs it all up. Jeromy was my biggest supporter. We wrote together all the time. Countless songs that I plan to record, and songs that will never see the light of day. Any bit of musical talent or drive or passion comes directly from him. He taught me about good music. He introduced me to practically every artist i listen to. He took me to Gruene Hall for the first time to see Todd Snider. His love of music was apparent to anyone who knew him. 

I have put out 2 cds before "No Turning Back." and Jeromy sang on both of them. He could harmonize with me like nobody else can or probably ever will. He was a better singer and songwriter than me by a long shot, but he never persued it too much. He was happy playing little weekly gigs or song swaps when the opportunity arose.  He didn't sing on the new one. The timing didnt work out to where he could make it to the studio. I did include a song we wrote together called "waiting on your turn to talk" and I am glad that I included it. Ill probably never record a cd that doesnt have one of his songs, or a cowrite with him on it. 

So I face tomorrow with equal parts excitement and anxiousness. Its gonna be a tough day. I will want to call him and text him all day to either share something exciting that happened or complain about some menial thing that doesnt really matter. 


This cd is dedicated to my brother Jeromy. I miss him so incredibly much.  Any sucess I have in the music world is dedicated to him. He wanted it for me as bad as I do. He told me many times. I never dreamed i'd have to chase it without him cheering me on. 


Pre-Orders are up!!




GO THERE! You can preorder my new cd! Tag me on social media with a pic of you're preorder and ill put your name in a drawing for a merch pack!!


PLUS you get an instant download of my cowrite with Erick Willis, "Cry Me A River"




Thank you so much to Jason Harrison at www.DrinkingTheInk.com for the incredible job he did on the artwork for No Turning Back!


Album Cover

The first review of the new album is in...



Thank you to Mike Ethan Messick and Lonestar Music Magazine for the great write up!


Hopefully more of these to come!

Catching up



For those of you who might have missed it, we lost my brother, best friend, and songwriting partner Jeromy Hooper last week. I am going to miss him more than I ever knew was possible. I have added a new song to the playlist on the website. "Waiting on your turn to talk" is a co-write with my brother. I am glad it made the cut. 


lots of shows booked. come see me.


I wrote the following post the day of his funeral. 


"When he reached the gates of Heaven,
He didn't understand.
He knew that friends were comin' over.
Was it all a dream?
Was it all a crazy dream?

He saw them playing there before him,
What were they doin' there?
It felt like home,
It must be alright.
Or was it all a dream?
Was it all a crazy dream?
Memories replayed before him.
All the tiny moments of his life.
Lying 'round in bed on Saturday morning,
Two daughters and a wife,
Two daughters and a beautiful wife.

Meanwhile on earth his friends come over,
Shocked and horrified.
Dolls and flowers by the store front,
and everybody cried.
Everybody cried and cried.

Is there vengeance up in Heaven?
are those things left behind?
maybe everyday is saturday morning
Two Daughters and a wife
Two daughters and a Beautiful Wife
Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife"

-"Two daughters and a beautiful wife" The Drive By Truckers

Today we said goodbye to my brother, Jeromy Hooper. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. If you know me, there is a very good chance you knew, or at the very least knew of, my brother. He was my best friend. My songwriting partner. My hero. My confidant. My partner in crime. My advice giver. My pep talker. He taught me about music, books, kindness, compassion, justice, love, and breakfast tacos. We we're 6 years apart but once I graduated high school that didn't seem to be an issue anymore.
 The summer after my freshman year of college is really when we became a team. I was home from A&M, and he and Jenny were living in Houston and teaching school. They decided to close up shop and come to the Seguin/ new braunfels area for the summer. Me and Jeromy fell into a routine. We would wake up sometime around 11:30 and go either a. Get breakfast tacos or b. Go to clear springs and eat till we couldn't see straight. We would then come home, nap, and go see some live music at night. At the time, I didn't have any money but Jeromy was getting his teacher paycheck year round, so he paid for everything. We had so much fun. We still even recently referred to it as the summer of Larry and Jeromy.

Since that time we have both gotten married, had kids, and became adults, so to speak. But we still loved to be around each other so much. We spoke or texted pretty much every day. The day he died we had texted how excited we were that "The Dark Tower" movies were finally being made. He got me started on reading those but I finished them first, he was still on the last book.

All this to say, I didn't just lose my brother this week. I lost a part of me. I lost the person who understood me more than anyone. Understood my love of songwriting and humor and all the other things that he understood so well because I got them from him. If it wasn't for Jeromy I would've never started  playing music. If I hadn't started playing music I wouldn't have met my wife and have my 3 beautiful children. I have a very close group of friends. Jeromy brought me into that group.

This is rambling but I am at such a loss. Thursday I have a show. I will be singing songs that Jeromy and I wrote. I will be singing songs Jeromy wrote, or introduced me to, or taught me to play. It will be hard. Everything will be hard for a while: every first _________ will hurt. And as much as it hurts, it's a pain I almost don't want to go away, because that would mean I'm used to it. I don't want to get used to him being gone, I just want him not to be gone anymore.

I love you big brother. I'll do my best to take care of your girls. I'll do my best to show the world your love. To show them
your songs and your humor. Keep an eye on us please. God I'm gonna miss you so much.

I'll listen for your harmonies. Sing them to me sometimes.


Larry Hooper


We have a release date!

APRIL 29, 2016

That is the release date for "No Turning Back" the new Larry Hooper album. I am super excited for you all to hear it!

Here is a track listing!

1. Daydreams- Cowritten with Adam Hood

2. Cry me a River- Cowritten with Erick Willis

3. Better off With me Gone

4. Barabbas- Cowritten with Jason Eady, Josh Grider, and Adam Hood

5. Drink My Way to Normal- Cowritten with Kayla Ray

6. Waiting on Your Turn to Talk- Cowritten with Jeromy Hooper

7. Mercury Down- Cowritten with Michael O'Connor

8. Words to My Favorite Memory- Cowritten with Courtney Patton

9. Practice Makes Perfect

10.I Was Wrong

11. Fire and Brimstone

12. No Turning Back


I will post more updates as we get closer. Stay tuned!


The new cd is recorded! It is produced by Jeff Plankenhorn and includes all originals and cowrites with  Erick WIllis, Kayla Ray, Michael Oconnor, Jason Eady, Courtney Patton, Josh Grider, Adam Hood and my brother Jeromy!


I am super excited for you all to hear it!

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