We have a release date!

APRIL 29, 2016

That is the release date for "No Turning Back" the new Larry Hooper album. I am super excited for you all to hear it!

Here is a track listing!

1. Daydreams- Cowritten with Adam Hood

2. Cry me a River- Cowritten with Erick Willis

3. Better off With me Gone

4. Barabbas- Cowritten with Jason Eady, Josh Grider, and Adam Hood

5. Drink My Way to Normal- Cowritten with Kayla Ray

6. Waiting on Your Turn to Talk- Cowritten with Jeromy Hooper

7. Mercury Down- Cowritten with Michael O'Connor

8. Words to My Favorite Memory- Cowritten with Courtney Patton

9. Practice Makes Perfect

10.I Was Wrong

11. Fire and Brimstone

12. No Turning Back


I will post more updates as we get closer. Stay tuned!

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