We are Making a new Hooper Album!!

Good News folks! We are making a new Hooper album in January! Ill post updates as they come!


Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the kickstarter to make this happen! 


Im hoping to head back into the studio in January. I need your help though. Please watch my video and if you feel compelled, pledge to my kickstarter. Thank you!






Band Shows

It finally happened.


I have finally put together a band and started playing shows. Shouldve done it sooner. Its so much fun and we've got a really solid sound. Come see us some time. Got somewhere you'd like to see us play? let me know and ill try to work that out!


thanks for your support!

Shirts! Hats! Shows! FREE MUSIC!! WOOHOO!

Thank you to everyone for coming out to shows! Who knew it was so much better to play shows when people are there?


Ive got new shirts and new hats. Im not putting them on the website just yet, but i will soon. Come see me at a show and getcha something!



If you go to www.cdbaby.com/cd/larryhooper3 you can get a free download of some Hooper music. 5 acoustic songs. Hope ya dig em.


and finally...


June 3rd me and my band will be opening for Charlie Robison at the Capital Bar in Ft Worth for the Ranch Music Series. Its 21 and up..and its FREE!! Hope to see ya there!


off to a great start

Ive been getting a little bit of radio time on 95.9 The Ranch. Feel free to call them or download the app and request me!

Got some great stuff coming up this year. Ill give out more info when stuff is set. 

Thank you all for your support. Come see me and say hi!


Be good. 

Listen to John Moreland.

Listen to John Moreland!!!



That is all I have to say right now. 

Hello (and other stuff)



2014 has been a good year for the most part. Lot's of shows played. Lots of songs written.Friends were made.  A LOT of good music was put out by others. I put out a little EP. Overall i would say it's a sucessful year. 

Thank you all for supporting me. I hope to see you all at a show sometime soon.  There are already some fun shows on the calendar for 2015 and there are more in the works. I think it'll be a good year.


Or this will be the year the earth swallows us up and life as we know it no longer exists. 


Either way.


Yall be nice.



What im listening to:

Adam Hood- Welcome to the Big World
Heather Little- Wings Like These
Zac Wilkerson- Zac Wilkerson
Jacob Furr- Trails and Traces




The Great Zac Wilkerson

Im a bit of a music snob. Or im picky. I guess its not that my tastes are necessarily refined or anything like that, i'm just not easy to please when it comes to music. Even stuff that people who have very similar taste as me enjoy, i dont care for. There are even some of the "legends" of the scene that i think are down right awful. But what do i know? I think we can all agree, not much over all, and even less about music. But i DO KNOW what i like.  Thats the purpose of this post. 

Theres an album that i feel like if i didnt spread the word about it,  i would be doing a disservice to you, my friend/family/fan/ or random stranger looking for something else but ended up on my site. 


My pick for album of the year, the new self titled Zac Wilkerson album. Before i go into the album, let me tell you about the first time i played a show with Zac.

I met Zac at an Adam Hood show. He was there with my good friend and cowriting pard, Courtney Patton. We hit it off and agreed to play a show together some time. A few weeks later the opportunity came up where he was looking for an acoustic gig and i had one i could split with him, songswap style. 

I play the first song, and then it was Zac's turn.

Now i have played a LOT of songswaps. A LOT. With a wide wide range of talent. From the unknown (me) to the very well known. Ive played lots of em, and ive never felt out matched. Ive always felt like, even though i might not be as popular or even as talented as whomever i was swapping with, it was never too far fetched that i was sharing the stage with them. 

I would guess that somewhere about 5 seconds into Zac's first song i immediately knew, i have no business being on stage with this guy. I shouldve played a couple songs and gotten right out of the way. Hes incredible. Hes studied music his whole life. He has an incredibly Soulful voice with a huge range. His guitar playing is impecible. I was blown away. 

Now when i say he had Soul, what i dont mean is he had "soul." The difference is, Soul is real, and "soul" is what you hear a lot of on Tx music radio. "soul" is what happens  when someone wants to sound like the have Soul, so they hold onto notes a little too long, and throw a bunch of "yeah yeah yeah wow!" in their songs. Soul might have those things too, but it also makes you feel like just maybe the person has lived whatever is happening in the song. 

Zac Wilkerson has Soul. 

On went the night. Me playing my painfully inadaquate songs,  and Zac blowing me out of the water, song after song. Its not his fault. Its what he does. And its not a contest. (thank goodness!)

A few months later Zac lets it be known hes going into the studio. Not only that THE Walt Wilkins is producing. Holy cow. I cant wait (is what i said at the time)

Fast forward:Zac sends me his new cd. Its incredible. The groove on the first songs pulls you in and the rest of the cd doesnt let you go. I dont know enough adjectives to describe how good this cd is. It hasnt left my cd player since i got it. Now its available for you to be enthralled by. Do yourself a huge favor and go buy it. You will not be disappointed. 

Favorites are : Middle of the Night and Muddy Waters








Album Reviews...

Some folks have been kind enough to give me some very positive reviews to the new release...here they are...


Wide Listener


Cult Western




Larry Hooper: The Self Titled E.P.
New Music!

August 5th i will release a new album, "the self titled e.p." there are 5 previously unrecorded songs. It is all acoustic. Just me and a guitar, just like you'd see at a show. Only better because you dont have to look at my ugly mug.




This thing...

This thing. This music "business." This non-stop, day in and day out, fight to be good enough. To try and be relevant and "marketable" while also being true to yourself.  Its an all day every day all week every week all month all year lifelong battle of will between self esteem and passion.

Thank you for listening and supporting me folks. 

"Its hard out here..i know it dont look it. I used to have a heart but the highway took it..." - Hayes Carll. 

Shirts are in!

Head on over to the store and find you a shirt!

Larry Hooper, The Self Titled E.P.

Last week i went in the studio and recorded a 5 song acoustic ep. Im pretty excited about the 5 songs and i hope that you all are as well. There are 4 i wrote on my own and 1 is a cowrite with Adam Hood. I will keep you all posted on when to get it. 


Shirts are ordered. So are Koozies AND new stickers. Hooper Merch gonna be everywhere!


Come see me or go see someone. Support live music!!


Love and bacon grease...


Im gonna be on TXRDR This sunday on 95.9 the Ranch with a bunch of talented folks...listen in...





It's gonna be a good year. Got lots of show booked already and a lot more on the way. Come see me!

Lookie Lookie

Ive got a lot of new shows on the horizon and im excited about 2014. Will there be a new Hooper record in 2014? I hope so. Stop pressuring me. 


No but really..come see me!

Happy Drew Kennedy Day!

Today is Drew Kennedy day. My good friend and personal hero Drew Kennedy has a cd coming out today. It is incredible. Ive been fortunate enough to have it for a couple weeks now, and it is truly a phenomenal record. If you like good music, regardless of genre, do yourself a favor and GO BUY THIS CD. Its easily a contender for my favorite of the year. I cant say enough good things about the cd or Drew Kennedy, who happens to be one of the nicest guys out there. Some guys are jerks. Not Drew. Go buy good music. 


The Cost video

Thanks to Chris Chamberlain at Top5productions.com for coming to my show this week to film this video for my song "The Cost" Yall check Chris out...he does good work!




Duck Commander!

Ill be playing the Duck Commander warehouse in West Monroe La.  this Thursday from 2-4. Come hang out!

House Concerts!

Im looking to book house concerts. If you want to know what that is and think you might want to host one..shoot me a message. 


Ive got a lot of fun stuff coming up this summer...keep checking back for shows in your area! All over Tx and parts of Louisiana!

Interview with Sunday Morning Hangover.

Thanks to Jason at Sunday Morning Hangover! I had a blast doing this interview...



Oh yeah..my website!

So im not exactly what you would call "paying attention" a lot of the time. I have a 2 year old. That excuse works for everything, right?

Apparently my website was down for a while. I got it set back up this morning. You know..for business! Im still playing shows..still writing music. This weekend we've got a fun little festival put together in Granbury for General Granbury's Birthday (happy birthday, pal) Id upload a picture but i dont know how to do that. Its pretty awesome. Thanks to Chris King for that.  You can see it on my facebook and what not.

Been writing quit a bit lately. Thats good. Maybe it wont be 6 years between records this time. No promises.


There ya go. Have a good one. 

My talented friends.

So, i typed this whole thing out just now and then i tried to post it and it didnt and i lost it. I really hope that doesnt happen again. 


Before we go any further, let me be clear. I want you to buy my cds. I know this might come as a surprise to you, but its true. I want you to buy my cds. THAT BEING SAID...i would rather you buy my friends cds. I have been blessed to be friends with some people that also happen to be musicians that i am a fan of. It works out because i usually dont have to pay to get into their shows.

Mike Ethan Messick. Every time i listen to Ethan I remember how much i want to be a songwriter, i try to write songs, and then i remember that he just makes writing incredible song after incredible song look easy and i need to stick to more of a "write a mediocre song every 6 months" routine. He's an incredible songwriter. Favorites off his new cd are "I miss you like Crazy" "Teaspoon full of Gravel," and "Oldsmobile." (He also cowrote the tune "Lorena" with me, which is on my newer cd.)

Drew Kennedy. This guy. This guy with his unique yet somehow familiar voice and his great songwriting and his bookwriting and is general likeability. This guy makes me sick. I kid. He's one of my favorite people and his new cd was easily one of my favorites from last year, and his book was definitely my favorite from last year. Favorites off the new cd are "Ive got some leaving to do" "We've all got marks to make" and "The life and times of a sad song."

The Trishas. Oh you know, its just a van full of supremely talented, drop dead beautiful women traveling around stealing hearts and making musical believers out of the masses. They're incredible. Every one of them. I was fortunate to have a few of them come in and sing on my new record and it really took it to a whole new level. They have a new one coming out next month and if you dont get it the day it comes out i can only assume you're a moron, and you have my pity. You seriously want to go see them before you have to get your tickets out in front of a stadium from some shady guy named Bif in a motley crue tshirt. 

Graham Weber He's one of my best friends in the world and I dont get to see him near enough. He's also an incredibly talented singer songwriter who Texas is better off to have living here. He consistently cranks out flawless record after flawless record. His newest, "Women" is genius, plain and simple. Favorites include "Im already Lonely" (Which features the uber talented Amanda Shires), "Sweet Virginia Brown" and "Unrequited Love" Go get it. 

Chris King is what country music should sound like but instead it sounds like a glittery hobo pooping in a john deer duffle bag. He's got a new one coming out soon as well and im pretty excited to get it. I heard him play a few songs off of it on the radio a couple weeks ago and he's a truely gifted songwriter. I hate him for it. 

Courtney Patton is the next big thing. Ask anyone. Shes a musical wildfire. Everyone knows her. Everyone wants to write with her and play shows with her. Thats because shes super talented. She has a new one coming out as well and I really think its going to do big things for her. She already has one song recorded by the Trishas (The Fool) on their new cd. She hasnt even put her cd out yet and its already being covered by one of the biggest acts in Texas. Thats a good sign. Her new cd will also have a song (Its a Shame) cowritten with a guy named Larry Hooper, whos ok i guess. Buy the cd folks. You wont be dissapointed. 


There are many more friends that are talented and i think you should support, but we'll just call this round 1 for now. More to come. Go buy their cds. If their cds arent out yet, find out when they do come out and buy them then. Then buy my cd. Please.


Also i wrote this with an 18 month old swarming around me. Please forgive all errors.