Larry Hooper "Stillhouse"

I rarely take the offer when people want to send me a CD, so it was fate (and a little of feeling like I know the guy from the FB and the Twitter) when Larry Hooper not only sent me his new album, but that I stuck it in for a good honest listen. Nothing against Mr. Hooper (or anyone else), but I just can’t split all my musical time amongst all that’s out there.

Once “Between Here & The Stars” started playing, I couldn’t seem to turn it off. Being more on the folk/bluegrass side of Texas Music it was refreshing, welcomed and was just what I needed. Definitely thinking fate had something to do with it at this point.

The song, “Stillhouse”, cued up and it instantly grabbed me. Written on the highway between Austin and Grandbury, the inspiration for this tale of a family’s hard life came from Stillhouse Hollow Lake exit outside of Temple.

I set out to write the saddest song I could. ~ Larry Hooper

I’d say he nailed it, but argue that only calling it “sad” doesn’t paint the whole picture. While the events in the song are sad, the way it’s told leaves you with a great sense of compassion. It reminds me of the feeling I get when I think of the destruction of the Texas drought and fires. You can feel that when he sings the line:

Then daddy started drinking when the land began to crack
By the time we got the rain he couldn’t turn back

If you’re looking for something new, take this as fate stepping in.

Ryan Hargrave
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